A Progress Report For All My Readers

Progress Report to All My Readers on My Blog and Social Media: the New Social Gospel Blog and Website Have Gotten Off to a Very Strong Start, Thanks to You All

by Minister Paul J. Bern


golgotha_christ_crossHello, everyone, it’s your on-line pastor and virtual evangelist Rev. Paul Bern, and I’m happy to send this overwhelmingly positive report here in the fall of 2020. I am writing this on a newly rebuilt computer that I acquired on Ebay. I bought it without a hard drive; just the box and that’s all. Then, I performed a hard drive transplant from my old computer to my new(er) one, installed a badly needed Windows 10 upgrade, and now, here we are, back and better than ever.

This could not have been accomplished without some dedicated followers who contributed a few small donations to get the 2 websites (I have a second one for my books at authorrevpauljbern.com) up and running, plus the money for the computer. You all have probably noticed that I only rarely ask for money, if ever. Moreover, I draw no salary from this ministry. I have some books on the market, but my monthly income is often very small. So for contingencies, there’s a little ‘donate’ button on the header of the home page for this ministry, at the top center of the page, for anyone who feels led to give.

As far as the future goes, you all have undoubtedly seen my new email campaign’s new look and feel. I have switched from a social-media driven to an email driven marketing platform, and so far it seems to be working fairly well. There’s been no dramatic increase in book sales, but the books are secondary and the ministry is of primary importance as far as my priorities are concerned. And the online ministry is what is growing the fastest. Thank you all so very much for your participation.

Other things coming up in the near future are the release of my 3-book trilogy on the writings of the apostles Luke and Paul (consisting of the books of Luke, Acts of the Apostles, and all of Paul’s letters to the churches, from Romans to Philemon, and everything in between). They will be sold either individually, or as a 3-volume set, and they will be available either from my website, or exclusively from Amazon in either print, digital (Amazon Kindle and Kindle-compatible), or audio (Amazon Audible) formats. There will also be the release of yet another nonfiction book this winter having to do with American politics and the Bible. I’m still in prayer about the right title, but the interior of the book is essentially ready for market. I had wanted to release it this month, before the elections, but there just wasn’t enough time. But, after much prayer, I am at peace with the delayed release of this latest book.

Plus, now that I am finally ready to record video’s and music, thanks to this newly acquired equipment, you will also begin to see a steady flow of video’s from yours truly, so be sure and watch for that. There are already about 15-16 videos already up on You Tube, and there will soon be plenty more where that came from. My weekly commentaries and Bible lessons will continue as always, and I have plans for a monthly newsletter on my book website too. So stick around and watch all this unfold before you all, and I intend to enjoy myself while doing all this as I possibly can. Shalom….